Minecraft Tutorial Will Teach Coding

Minecraft - Clapway

Microsoft and Code.org Team Up to Bring Minecraft Tutorial

In a partnership between Microsoft and Code.org, Minecraft becomes an educator in programming and coding aimed for kids, but really viable for all generations. Last year, Microsoft bought Swedish based game development studio Mojang, and they plan to collaborate with Code.org to bring in an educational approach.

Mojang, which is notorious for their work on Minecraft, is to host a Minecraft tutorial with Code.org that offers coding lessons on Code.org’s website. This will mark the third annual Hour of Code campaign. This campaign will run from December 7-13, which they have named Computer Science Education Week.

Minecraft - Clapway
Minecraft Tutorial

Minecraft Tutorial: Coding For Ages Six and Higher

This program hopes to introduce young kids to programming and the basics of coding through Minecraft, which is a fun and accessible tool. They will have to go through 14 challenges to master the lessons.

Microsoft CEO shared that a crucial part of Microsoft’s mission is to empower the population with everything technology has to offer. With this Minecraft tutorial, they hope to permeate creativity and combine it with programming and coding. Microsoft hopes to host a series of Hour of Code events around the globe through Microsoft stores, offices and other facilities.

Minecraft is Really Popular, So A Minecraft Tutorial Could Be a Hit

Minecraft has a great popularity rate across different age groups and demographics, and it will make for a fun, collaborative way to help children learn the basics of programming and coding, which has become an increasingly influential part of education.

This Minecraft tutorial can inspire younger generations to make their own apps, their own games and even make them curious about robotics and inspire them to write their own code and learn about other coding languages.