Need For Speed Update Brings AI Catchup

Need for speed - Clapway

It’s only been a weekend since the release of Need For Speed, which has generated great reviews, and the game is already getting updates. The developers recently shared their intentions to bring in a slew of new features to the game in order to optimize the gaming experience.

Among this New Features, Developers Brought in A Better, More Balanced AI Catchup

The next Need for Speed update will include a better, more balanced AI Catchup, as per the feedback Ghost Games has received on the game. This will come alongside better mirror functionality, an improved color picker, the Hoonicorn and popular character Morohoshi-San and neon.

Need for speed - Clapway

The Next Need for Speed Update Will Also Feature A REP Increase

REP will be shot up 50-50, and 3x trophies and achievements will also come with this new Need for Speed update. Gamers will get new daily challenges for anyone needing additional incentive to play, and Ghost Games will make pre-set wraps available.

No Date on When This Need for Speed Update Will Take Place

There’s been no word on the exact date that this update will go live, but it’s set to be by the end of November. While this update hopes to make minor bugs and fixes, there’s a change that there still are discrepancies here and there, but judging by the developers’ fast response to glitches in the game, players can rest assured that most major glitches will be fixed promptly.

Before Need for Speed Update, Ghost Games Will Host a Closed Beta

Ghost Games is to test Need for Speed Edge ahead of this update in a closed beta on November 26. The game is set to release in South Korea next year.