Now Xbox One is Better than Playstation 4

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Sony’s PS4 has always had a great track record in sales, having reported 25 million units sold as of July, 2015, but the Xbox One is better now, and might just one-up it. Microsoft has released three new updates that hope to boost the Xbox One’s popularity.

Xbox One is Better: Xbox One Games and Content Can Now be Streamed to Any Windows 10 Device

Microsoft has made it so the Xbox 360 can stream games and other content directly to other Windows 10 devices. This will make cross-platform gaming significantly easier, and it’s the first reason they cite to support the claim that, on the long run, the Xbox one is better as a console and a platform.

Xbox - feat

Xbox One is Better: Xbox One Will Launch a TV-DVR Feature in 2016

Microsoft hopes to make the Xbox One an even more reliable console. It will kick off a TV DVR feature as of 2016.

Xbox One is Better: Exclusive Content and Backwards Compatibility

The Xbox One’s November update brings backwards compatibility, wherein gamers will be able to download and play their favorite Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One console. This will reel in many customers who own 360 games but are still hesitant to buy the Xbox One console. With this update, they have the perfect opportunity to keep playing their favorite Xbox 360 games and enjoy the exclusive content that comes for the Xbox one.

Microsoft recently also teamed up with EA games to bring exclusive content to the Xbox One console, which Sony rejected. Surely this means that the Xbox is better because it has access to a wider range of content.

Who Will be the Better Console on the Long Run?

Sony’s PS4 has had excellent sales performance, but with these features, Microsoft has a solid opportunity to overtake their streak in America. Xbox One is better only if it can own up to these new features as brilliantly as advertised.