Pastafarian Woman Inspires Church of D*ckbutt

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Pastafarianism is As Legitimate As Any Other Recognized Religion

A Massachusetts Pastafarian woman who follows fought for her right to wear a strainer over her head for her driver’s license picture, and won. Lindsay Miller was initially told by the Massachusetts RMV that common sense doesn’t really align with the idea of wearing a pasta strainer over your head for your license picture, but the lady argued that much like a kippah or a hijab, her religion dictated it necessary.

What’s next? The Church of D*ckbutt allowed to silicone genitalia on their foreheads made to look like unicorn horns?

Dickbutt - Clapway

Pastafarian Woman Gets Backed By the American Humanist Association

What’s more, this Pastafarian woman was backed up by the American Humanist Association’s Apigganni Humanist Legal Center, who ruled that, under the RMV rule stating that headwear is allowed to be worn for medical or religious reasons, Ms. Miller is a lawful Pastafarian woman isn’t breaking any laws or asking for anything that’s impossible.

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Lindsay Miller is a Pastafarian and proud (Darrick Fauvel via AP)

Is this What Real Freedom of Religion Means?

Pastafarianism is a religion that follows the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, believed to have sprung up to mock other religions though it claims to be based on ‘pure, hard science’. Ms. Miller, a more fervent Pastafarian woman than one would expect, released a statement thanking the Massachusetts RMV for respecting her religion.

Whether or not the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a mockery of the phenomenon of religion, it’s no surprise that in a country with as many religious sensitivities as the United States would decide to respect any and all religions. There’s no telling if this Pastafarian woman will get ‘randomly selected’ for extra TSA screenings, though.