MOP: Most Psychedelic Game on PS4

Psy - Clapway

A new game called MOP: Operation Cleanup is coming to the PS4 to combine radioactive neon colors with the concept of Super Mario Bros and Pixar’s Wall-E. The psychedelic game is set in a contaminated world full of radioactively superpowered bears in neon pink skirts, and players take a clean-freak robot through adventures fitting of Mario and Luigi themselves.

Psy - Clapway

Most Psychedelic Game on PS4: MOP The Robot is As Clumsy as Wall-E With A Sassier Twist

The game features the main character hopping on top of enemies to defeat them, swimming through soiled waters; there’s even a recycling base at the end of every level that is oddly reminiscent of the towers Mario and Luigi will jump over to get their flags in and mark the completion of the level.

The trailer features the robot, who is a livelier and faster combination of Pixar’s Wall-E and Eve, though the bears in skirts and radioactive enemies give it a much more trippy feel, and follows his adventures as he attempts to clean up the world and save it from the contamination that has been thrust upon it.

This Psychedelic Game Could’ve Been Better Off as An App

This game, whose graphics and general concept might work well as a mobile app, released on November 13, and is available for the PS4.