Movado Teams with HP to Launch New Motion Smartwatch

Movado Watch - Clapway

HP and Movado have joined forces to officially announce that they are set to release their brand new bold motion smartwatch. There is no official announcement about when this smartwatch will be released, but it can be assumed it will be available in time for the holidays.

Movado Watch - Clapway (orange filter)


This new motion smartwatch, although reported at being $795 at retail, could very much be worth it after reading its fantastic features. According to HP and Movado, this smartwatch will come with Bluetooth connectivity and will be compatible with any Android and iOS devices. It will also come with a 44mm stainless steel case for ultimate protection and will also feature a black PVD finished bezel. This motion smartwatch will also come with some style. It is reported that any time the user receives an e-mail, call, appointment, text message, or social media alert via their connected device that the smartwatch will glow teal with its built in LED indicators. This device will not have a screen, but it can reportedly be controlled via a companion app, which can be downloaded with Google Play.

The two companies have also stated that this device will have an absolutely insane battery life of one week, but when the battery runs out it can indeed be charged. This bold motion smartwatch can do more than just alert users on messages however. According to details, Movado’s motion smartwatch can track users steps and users can also set daily fitness goals via the companion app. Maybe the only drawback to this smartwatch, other than the insane price, is the fact that users will not be able to read texts or messages on the device itself. It will alert users of notifications, but will not actually show them.


There is no questioning that this new motion smartwatch from Movado and HP has the goods, but is this device going to be worth it with its ridiculous price. Paying over $700 for any technology device is a lot of money, but paying that kind of money for a watch just seems absurd. Now this is not discounting that this device looks amazing, it is just $795 is a lot of money any way you slice it. For people who have money to throw around this smartwatch’s price will not be an issue, but for others it very much could be. It can be expected that Movado and HP’s new bold motion smartwatch, although not officially announced, will be available in time for the holidays and it could no doubt be a tremendous gift for anybody.