NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 – Best Tablet for Gamers

NVIDIA - Clapway
 The NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 just hit the market, and for $199, gamers can have the ultimate player experience straight from a tablet. This allows for easy touch gameplay or controller via their SHIELD controller.

This product, hailing from Native Android gaming, has a wide range of titles and hit games to play from, such as Need for Speed: No Limits. The tablet has great HDR lighting, multi-layer road effects, a new particle system, advanced shadowing and better post-effects than any other tablet in the market.

NVIDIA - Clapway

Testers Say Need For Speed is As Good on the NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 As in Console

Players not only have access to Need for Speed, but also family friendly titles like Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft or Vainglory. Add the change to stream games like LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and Batman: Arkham Origins straight to your tablet, and there’s a very solid deal.

NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 Offers Streaming Gameplay

NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 can stream their gameplay from the cloud through GeForce Now, which is free for NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 for the first three months. Gamers also have the option of streaming locally via NVIDIA GameStream.

At just $199, the NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 will surely bring home some profit for this holiday season.