SEGA Develops Mobile Game


SEGA and LINE Join Hands

Japanese game maker SEGA has just announced that they’re working on their first mobile game for Android and iOS. The game is being made in collaboration with LINE, a Japanese company best known for the messaging app of the same name. LINE has some experience in the video game industry, having made games geared toward casual fans, but this new project hopes to draw in a more hardcore audience.

10. Game 2

The new SEGA Game is Called Fortisia

SEGA and LINE are hoping for Fortisia to bring in mid-core and hard-core gamers. It’s a 3D action RPG that will be able to feature up to 4 players. They’ll be able to customize their own characters, but there’s one particularity that sets this game apart from other action RPGs. The weapons of the game, called Fortis, call on warriors’ spirits to aid players in battle. There are about 400 weapons that players will have access to, and they can be obtained via a Gacha System.

More Updates Can Be Found on the SEGA Website

That’s about as much information as SEGA has released yet. The game maker, which is known for games like Sonic the Hedge Hog, is releasing active updates on the game in the SEGA website and on their social media accounts.