YouTube Changes Copyright Laws

Google and YouTube Redesign Copyright Protection Guidelines

There are millions upon millions of hours of video content on YouTube. With that kind of roster, it’s simply impossible to protect it all from copyright infringement, and Google is now drawing the line on what should and shouldn’t be on the platform.

Youtube copyright

YouTube Wasn’t Doing Enough to Protect Copyrighted Contetn

There is certain content that is allowed to be used under ‘fair use’ laws, mostly for news coverage, teaching and also research. Some copyright owners oppose the usage of their material on YouTube regardless of context, issuing DMCA takedown notifications on videos with their content.

YouTube has actually been criticized in the past for refraining from doing enough to protect its content against wrongful claims however now the company seems drawing a line in the sand, albeit a minimal one, in defense of those legally using copyrighted laws content in transformative means.

Google and YouTube Draw the Line

In a blog post Google’s Copyright Legal Director claims that YouTube will certainly showcase a number of user-created video clips in its Copyright Center as well as cover all legal costs must rightsholders test exactly how each usages copyrighted laws material.

YouTube is being questioned over four specific videos. Because of this, YouTube and Google have announced that they’ll do everything in their power to protect their copyright policies, even if it takes them to court. The four videos in question are centered around video game clips, including a review and a walk through. Google wishes that by supporting video clips such as these, YouTubers and also those seeking to take down material will have further insight on what should or should not be used as YouTube content.