Facebook Will Replace Google at Work

Facebook is Growing, and It’s Now Looking to Replace Google at Work

To the dismay of many employers, Facebook is a widely used tool not only at home, but also in the office. Facebeook hopes to bring in a platform especially for the workplace with Work Chat.

Facebook Announces Work Chat, Messenger for Work

On Friday, Apple released Work Chat for Android, which lets users message co-workers making use of a user interface that’s almost the same as Facebook Messenger. The business-messaging application enables customers to make up messages for specific colleagues, participate in team chats, make voice calls, share images as well as video clips and stickers. The app is available for download on the Google Play Store but people can only log into it if they have a Facebook at Work account.

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No Word on When Work Chat Will Come to iOS

While the messenger is built in to the Facebook at Work app, a standalone app is being pushed out to encourage companies to sign their offices up for Facebook for Work, much like Google for Work. What an employee shares to their Facebook at the workplace account is only seen by the members of that office.

As Android devices get the Facebook for Work Messenger, they’ll also have the ability to divide our virtual work lives from our personal online lives.