Xbox Users Rue Burnout Revenge

Microsoft promised that Burnout Paradise, their last Burnout game, would be offered for Xbox One through it’s in reverse compatibility feature, and they made good on their word. For a whole lot of fans of the franchise business, Paradise is, in fact, something of a black mark on the Burnout collection, the open world structure in the video game detracted from what Burnout was really good at. Burnout 3: Takedown, as well as its immediate follow-up to Burnout Revenge, was considered the peak of the franchise.

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Burnout Revenge is Not Compatible with Backward Compatibility

Burnout Revenge was in fact launched on the Xbox 360, so gamers expected for the game to ultimately be launched for the Xbox One using backwards compatibility? According to Criterion, there are no plans to make the title compatible with the Xbox One at any time soon.

Burnout Revenge is a Better Game than Paradise, So Why Not Make Both Available?

Most gamers confess that they would rather play Burnout Revenge as opposed to Burnout Paradise, so this comes as a disappointing blow and a missed opportunity. If the backwards compatibility feature was introduced so that gamers are able to play their favorite Xbox 360 games in their newer consoles, wouldn’t it be expected that most best-selling games are made available to use with the feature? Apparently, it’s not clear enough to Criterion or Microsoft.