Hyundai Sonata Worse Than Recalled Tesla S

Hyundai is recalling about 305,000 of its 2011-12 Sonata designs because the automatic transmission might be moved out of park without pushing the brake pedal. This is causing cars the car to roll or repel, based on a statement from the automaker posted today on the National Motorway Traffic Security Management’s site.

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Stop Light Switch on Sonatas Stop Working

Hyundai attributed the issue to the stop light switch. It is the third time since 2009 that the carmaker has recalled cars for a malfunctioning brake switch. In this recall, the company stated that the cars had their the transmission move out of park without pressing the brake, the brake lights may remain lit up after the brake pedal was released. There were no injuries or accidents connected to the reported faulty cars.

Hyundai Has Consistent Brake Problems

The automaker told federal regulators the quit lamp button plunger could end up being stuck, yet it was still trying to determine why. They added that they became aware of the problem as a result of an unusual number of service warranty cases The car manufacturer has had a series of problems with brake buttons. In 2013, Kia and parent company, Hyundai, recalled about 1.7 million vehicles, including the 2011 Sonata. Hyundai stated the switch breakdown could trigger troubles such as a driver’s not having the ability to turn off the cruise ship control by touching the brake. In 2009, the company recalled around 533,000 units for comparable problems with the brake light button.

Hyundai Vs Tesla

Seeing as Hyundai has a history of problems with brake lights, other recalls don’t seem to be in such a bad place. Tesla, for one, who just recalled a series of their Model S cars for seat belt issues, is much better off.