Nintendo Proves Money Doesn’t Smell

Nintendo Opens eBay Shop for New and Refurbished Items!

Nintendo has opened up a shop on eBay for refurbished goods, just before Black Friday. As the holiday season rolls in with holiday deals, consoles, games and other merchandise is sure to fly off the shelves, and Nintendo is preparing to make sure that even if that happens, there are some goods that people can still access online.

9. Nintendo 1

Great Nintendo Titles and Gaming Consoles Available

This Nintendo eBay store has a slew of refurbished games and consoles, as well as accessories for their many platforms. There are even special deals designed exclusively for the shop, including the popular title Super Mario 3D World, exclusive for the Wii U, at an astounding $30, and an offer for the 3DS XL for $125.

A Great Option for Those Who Can’t Hit Stores this Holiday Season

This offer doesn’t just cover refurbished items, the Nintendo eBay shop will also include new items. The shop is already open to all on eBay, so for people looking to catch some sweet deals on Nintendo merchandise before the holidays and maybe even through the holiday season. This exclusive shop will have items that will not be available in any other retailers outside of the official Nintendo stores.