Xbox Two Will Be Better Than Playstation 5

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One computer game gaming consoles are making solid cash for Sony and Microsoft, and the future generation of these consoles are currently in development. The PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox 2 are both expected to come out by 2020, and lots of computer game analysts believe that the two brand-new devices will certainly show up earlier than previous generations of the console collection.

PS5 and Xbox Two Expected Much Earlier

Playstation and Xbox consoles have ruled the game console sales charts for the past seven years, and analysts believe that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox 2 could possibly go on sale earlier than expected for a number of reasons.

And the most recent news on these two flagship Systems is that AMD is already offering significant performance boost for both gaming consoles. This will certainly be thought about essential for both systems as they both attempt to embrace 4K gaming. By the time that the PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox 2 hit the stores, 4K resolution items will certainly be considered mainstream. Without a doubt, Sony itself just recently released the world’s very first 4K cell phone; an indication that the Japanese firm acknowledges the prestige of this innovation.

As it Stands, Neither the PS4 nor the Xbox One Support 4K

But neither the PlayStation 4 neither Xbox One have the abilities to handle 4K video. Although both consoles are theoretically maximized to provide 4K, they simply do not have the processing power to do so. This has actually caused suggestions in the media that the PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Two could be revealed as early as 2018. This is an intriguing recommendation, as major titles have yet to show up on the Sony device, with Gran Turismo still not having made its launching on the PlayStation 4, and the 6th installment of the Grand Theft Auto series anticipated around 2018 too.

9. Xbox 1

Both Consoles Might Get New Chipsets

Nevertheless, it appears that both Sony and Microsoft will resort to AMD in order to supply their chipsets. Both the PS4 and Xbox One use custom-made AMD APUs, which are based upon the Jaguar microarchitecture. The basic understanding is that AMD has offered a platform which has enabled the cross-platform development of video games to be done smoothly. And this makes it likely that the company will continue to be part of the manufacturing processes associated with both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two.

Buzz suggests that AMD will make a processing unit with five-times the efficiency of already existing consoles for the Xbox Two and PS5. It’s also possible that the PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Two will concentrate on virtual reality.

The New Trend: Backward Compatibility

Another interesting rumor of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox 2 is that they will have backward compatibility at the time of launch. This is a significant weak spot for both the PS4 and the Xbox One, though in the latest update, the Xbox One was introduced with backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games. But with gaming consoles transferring to x86 design, and also likely to stick to this for the future generation, this will certainly ensure that PS4 an Xbox One games will be compatible with the new gen.