Domino’s Bring You the ‘Pizza Of The Future’

Domino’s has recently been formulating new ways for customers to buy pizza, from personalizing pies on an iPad to supplied using drone to tweeting your order with emoji. Its most recent distribution technology is about speed.

Pizza Domino's

Get Domino’s at the Hit of A Button

Domino’s ‘Easy Order’ button is a one-click step to getting hot, cheesy goodness to your front door at lightning speed. The button, which is much like the Amazon Dash button, is available in a mini Domino’s pizza box and uses Bluetooth to couple with an app. Just save your address and payment details on the Domino’s internet site or application, and pizza is at a button’s reach.

Image: Domino’s

Domino’s Button Only in the UK For Now

The button will be available only in the UK at first, starting in December. A second batch will roll out in February 2016. Instead of the physical button, customers can also use the electronic Easy Order button. It works the exact same way as the physical button, and you could discover it in the Domino’s application for rapid tap-to-order performance.

When Will it Come to the US?

If this rolled out to the United States, the internet may crash from how many of these buttons will be ordered. No details on a US release have been revealed yet.