Study Finds Fat Men Show Off More Often

Apparently, eating a massive amount of food is a way that men try to show off to the opposite sex. According to a study, when they are with females, a research of 133 adults (74 males and 59 females) by Cornell University found that males eat a lot more food.

They Don’t Discriminate, Either

The study discovered that not just did guys take 93% more pizza when eating with a female compared to when with another man, but they additionally took 86% more salad. The reasoning? People need to relax when taking with members of the opposite sex, the research study reads. These findings suggest that men often overeat to show off, according to Kevin Kniffin, lead author of the study.

A Bizarre Study with Bizarre Conclusions

Evidently, by packing their faces, men are revealing that they have phenomenal skills, benefits, and/or excess energy in degrees that are exceptional to other males. Conspicuous usage of food is a much less significant ‘threat’ than, say, going off to the cutting edge of battle, but research study on the impacts of obesity, however, reveal overeating to comprise dangerous actions,” added the study authors. It additionally might be to show their physical conditioning – which might seem an odd verdict to attract from a pizza binge.

Man Fat

Apparently, Eating More Means More Stamina

The researchers say that taking part in undesirable or risky behavior demonstrates an extraordinary ability to endure challenges, even self-inflicted ones, so the male thinking goes. Women did not feel the have to chase in order to impress the opposite sex. Their eating habits stayed the same, regardless of which gender they were eating with.

Unlike Men, Women Stay the Same Regardless of Who They Eat With

However, they did state that they really felt rushed when they consumed with a male, as well as believed that they consumed a lot more as a result of it. There was no proof to confirm that they did eat more. Altogether, the scientists wrapped up that “people ought to calm down when consuming with members of the opposite sex.