Facebook Shows How To Steal Personal Data

Facebook quizzes are still a threat to user privacy. UK-based Comparitech has delved into exactly how it accumulates not simply your name, however also your birthdate, hometown, education information, all your Likes, pictures, web browser, language, your IP address and even your friends checklist if you link it with Facebook.

Comparitech Warns: Always Protect Yourself

When you link any service to your Facebook account, you need to allow it access to certain parts of your profile. Some apps enable you to pick which details you want to share: If you’re lucky, you’ll have the ability to go as low as possible and still play the game. That said, it’s pretty easy to click through and overlook the part where you can pick the info an app can access. And if you’ve been using Facebook, chances are you’ve done it at least once or twice in the past.

8. Personal Data 1

Always Review Privacy Before Clicking Through

You’re also allowing it to store your information in any of its servers around the world, even in places where your privacy isn’t really shielded by the legislation. Trying your luck if you haven’t reviewed your privacy before clicking through is just like letting your information be put up for sale and sharing.

Your Friend List Information is Also At Risk

If you see a ‘Logged in with Facebook‘ listing under the Apps part, click ‘x’ to get rid of any application that you don’t count on or recognize. Even if you don’t care about your personal privacy, the people in your close friends list, whose information some applications also accumulate, might care about theirs.