New Rock Band 4 Brings Nothing New

New Rock Band 4

Rock Band and Guitar Hero are back, after years of lying dormant. Activision attempts a brand-new strategy with Guitar Hero Live, but Harmonix remains slavishly near the original formula with Rock Band 4.

This game feels and looks exactly the same as the Rock Band video games we played years ago, and eventually that’s why it works. It isn’t innovative, but it proves how fun playing with plastic instruments can be, currently available on the present generation of video game systems.

New Rock Band 4

Rock Band 4 is available in a number of versions, thanks to its welcome backward compatibility with older Rock Band tools. The game on its own retails for $59.99 for the PlayStation 4 and also $79.99 for the Xbox One; PlayStation 3, as well as PlayStation 4 guitars, connect to the console through Bluetooth, yet the Xbox One lacks Bluetooth and calls for an added USB wireless adapter, included in the package deal. The game packaged with a wireless guitar is $129.99 for either system. After that, there’s the Band-in-a-Box plan, which is for $249.99 on either system.

The Instruments

The Band-in-a-Box pack includes a guitar controller, a wired USB microphone, and also a drum controller with stand and drumsticks. Every one of these parts looks nearly the same to the instruments included in previous Rock Band video games. They really feel extremely similar, also, though the strum bar on the guitar is much quieter and also feels a bit more tough, as well as the bass drum pedal feels a lot more strong.

If you still have your Rock Band instruments from previous console generations (PlayStation 3 tools deal with the PS4 variation of the video game, Xbox 360 tools work with the Xbox One version of the game), you can use them as opposed to buying new ones, and also your gameplay will be the exact same. It’s a welcome alternative that will certainly save you money if you handled to keep your old plastic instruments in working problem.

Gameplay and Look Are A Welcome Throwback

Rock Band 4’s gameplay and structure are mostly the same from previous variations of the game. Guitar and bass players follow 5 columns of tinted gems as they slide down the display and have to hit the appropriately tinted switch as well as strum as the gems pass a bar on the base.

One to four people can dip into a time, filling up the guitar, bass, drums, and also vocals slots of the band. The band-in-a-box only includes one guitar, so you’ll get a 2nd (or use an old one that’s appropriate) if you want both a guitarist as well as a bass player. With one player, the instrument remains in the center of the display. With a band, the lower two-thirds of the screen program guitar, bass, and drums, while the leading third shows the vocals.

Rock Band 4 lets you make freestyle solos, replacing the guitar solos in specific tunes with shredding that roughly matches what the solos seemed like based on your own play. Generally, it allows you mash and  strum to the rhythm as opposed to matching every note for sure sections of songs, and it will appear respectable. This is an enjoyable idea, yet it’s inevitably unsatisfying; the solos are satisfying because of the obstacles they supply based upon just how the guitarist played them and the transition in between regular Rock Band notes and freestyle solo parts are disconcerting.

Band on the Run is Still A Part of the Schtick

As in previous Rock Band video games, you can select in between taking your imaginary band on the road for a project method that lets you unlock cosmetic changes for your musicians and methodically go through most of the tracks on the disc. That hasn’t changed much below though currently you obtain regular inquiries to guide your band through a very loosened plot.

The campaign is fun, offers some selection with the various options, and the concept of going to different cities (yet mostly the exact same couple of backgrounds of fields and also clubs) is enjoyable. The various programs, as well as sets, add a piece of range, like specific performances allowing you pick the tunes you play or looking at a specific listing or maybe having your band participants ballot from a swimming pool of four songs. It doesn’t feel brand-new or particularly fresh, yet it’s still enjoyable.

Full Set List is Still Awesome

If you obtain the band-in-a-box, you’re most likely visiting intend to create a band with your good friends, but not limit yourself to the set lists of the video game’s excursions as well as shows. There are plenty of choices beyond the project to choose your personal tunes and also playlists and play whatever you desire, whenever you desire. This is a function that Guitar Hero Live $99.99 at Dell largely lacks, providing two-thirds of the tracks out of the box for playing anytime and calling for purchases for additional tracks.

You need to buy extra songs and packs, but if you already got them on the previous generation’s console, you can transfer them to your Rock Band 4 system. The selection of tracks that could be transferred isn’t really a full checklist of all of the DLC readily available for Rock Band video games on the previous console generation, yet Harmonix is functioning on expanding the checklist.

Nothing Changes for Rock Band 4, And That’s Okay

Rock Band 4 is pretty much even more of the very same, however, that isn’t really a bad thing. Rock Band shouldn’t be a yearly launch, however as a generational video game it’s a welcome, fun encounter.