Russian Military Technology is Far Superior to Turkey’s

Russian Military

An American counter-terrorism analyst claims that Russian military technology is very far ahead of America’s. This comes after Sunday reports that the US military conducted a successful test on Lockheed Martin’s Terminal High Altitude Area Defense systems and Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense.

US Military is Suspicious on America’s True Power

The test, which cost $230 million, were conducted aboard the USS John Paul Jones destroyer, and according to the results, all missiles hit their targets in every test but one. The US Missile Defense Agency nevertheless declared the test successful, boasting on its power.

Russian Military

Certain members of the military, including Scott Bennett, a former US Army psychological warfare officer, regard this test as a bluff. The technology, according to him, is not up to par to what has been seen of Russian military technology. And judging by what’s been seen so far with Russia in Syrian territory, it’s obvious the Russians did their homework.

While this can be considered just cynical theorism, the truth is Russia is widely known for their technological expertise, be it for war or for space exploration. Russian presence in Syria means that they aren’t there to play, and according to anti-terrorism analysts, it’s best if the US has the same outlook.

What does this Bear on The Russia vs. Turkey?

Bearing these things in mind, it’s possible that Turkey is facing a silent killer. While Russia has no intentions of going into war with Turkey over the downed bomb jet, they will certainly not forget this offence, and will respond in kind when they have the chance. It is only a matter of time.