Vine Looks Sexy on Apple Watch

Vine has come to the Apple Watch. Its watchOS app launches today with the ability to play videos on your wrist. This comes at a great time, people can now watch their favorite 6-second clips from one more of their devices.

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Vine for the Apple Watch Has Been in the Works For A While

The watch application has been in the works since at least June, when it was demoed on stage during an Apple event. Apple picked this company to exhibit the brand-new ability for applications to play back video in watchOS 2, which released in September.

It’s Still Difficult to Watch on Such a Small Screen

Though Vine isn’t shipping this update all that far after the watchOS 2 launch, the short delay may well speak to the basic speed of Apple Watch apps. Though Apple has gathered broad developer assistance for the watch, applications actually don’t matter at all on it, they’re also sluggish, and they tend to feel like iPhone applications crammed into a smaller room. It does do an excellent job of slimming down, offering up showcased Vines as well as video clips from your favorite accounts, yet you’re still viewing those videos on a tiny screen, and usually filling them fairly gradually.

Vine for iOS is Also Getting An Update

Along with releasing on the Apple Watch today, Vine is also updating its iOS application with a new way to discover video clips. You could now swipe left on any sort of video to pack a related clip that Vine assumes you’ll like. You could continue swiping up until you get bored.