GameStop Expectations for Halo 5 and Star Wars Were Too High


GameStop has declared that sales for Halo 5 and Star Wars Battlefront have fallen way short of their initial expectations. Analysts claim that the expected sales were too high from the start.


Discrepancy Between Halo 5 Sales Physically and Digitally

According to analysts, the store did not consider that Star Wars Battlefront would be a popular gift game, which led to the disappointing figures in the end. GamStop has also gotten criticism for the anticipated sales of Halo 5.

Thanks to this misunderstanding, the company is receiving a lot of negativity from investors about Halo 5’s digital vs physical sales, where there is yet more discrepancy.

Management at GameStop has declared that it is unlikely that Halo 5 digital units remain in the 20% to 25% range, which does not explain the size of the gap between the expected sales number and the actual one.

GameStop Will Not Be Open on Black Friday

With these disappointing sale rates, GameStop will face another headache as the year settles into a close, as it will not be open for perhaps the biggest sales event of the year in the US, Black Friday.

Currently, the store has pre-Black Friday sales that may generate numbers but not too much profit. As 2015 settles into a close, GameStop will yet again release a total number of sales, and the discrepancies shall perhaps be settled.