NASA is worried about sending astronauts to Mars

Mars - Clapway

Will the world ever see a person land on Mars? Well with the latest news from NASA, it might be in doubt. The USA has officially stated that the plan is to land an astronaut there by 2030. However, NASA is figuring out that there are just far too many questions that remained unanswered.

Mars - Clapway


NASA inspector general Paul K. Martin has been reviewing the situation and has found that overcoming all of the risks involved is overly optimistic. Many questions remain for any astronaut to ever arrive on Mars. A couple big questions are: what kind of habitats should researchers be working on? Will NASA be able to build a ship that will protect their astronauts from cosmic rays over the long journey there? Funds also remain a huge issue as NASA has had budget cuts and has had to spend its funds thinly. The main thing NASA will have to do before ever sending an astronaut there is to make sure that it is 100 percent safe. If NASA can not achieve it, then no one should ever go to Mars. It is simply not worth it to have someone go to their if their safety is in jeopardy. NASA is completely aware of this fact and that is the biggest reason why the trip to Mars is becoming more and more less likely.


The risk may simply be huge to ever send a person to Mars. The trip will never be worth it if it is used as a human sacrifice for the better of the country. The allure of sending someone there is the entire reason why this is even being discussed. However, until the risks are zero, this will simply remain a dream and will never be achieved. NASA will most likely never give up on their dreams to send one of their astronauts to Mars, but this does not mean that it will actually happen. Dreams are nothing more than fantasies and many people’s dreams will never come true. Unfortunately, this is a hard reality that needs to be realized: we may never get someone on Mars.