Medical Marijuana Causes Significant Brain Damage

Image: cheifyc

There has been a recent study that has taken place at Kings College London, and they have decided to scan the brains of multiple drug users. Researchers at Kings College London stated that their data showed that people who smoked a large amount of pot had smaller amounts of white brain matter inside their corpus callosum. Basically, they are stating that users who smoke a significant amount of high-potency drugs are experiencing brain damage. Also, what does this mean for medical marijuana?

Image: cheifyc
Image: cheifyc


The scientists that performed this experiment said that they tested around 56 patients who were excessive drug users, and also 43 patients who had never done drugs. Paola Dazzan, a neurobiologist at Kings College, stated that their team of scientists said that they noticed the patients who used heavy doses of cannabis had a significant effect on their white matter fibres in the brain. Dazzan then concluded that the more cannabis one smokes, the more damage to the brain there will be. So, this leads to another very interesting question; is medical marijuana a good solution? One of the key aspects that need to be taken away from the study done at Kings College is the use of the word high-potency. Medical marijuana was never met to be taken in high doses, and if it is then brain damage can be expected. Just as is the case with so many other products, if medical marijuana is taken the way it was intended, as a medicine, it should not result in brain damage.

Dazzan has also stated that they most important factor to remember when taking medical marijuana is how much one takes and what type. Any drug can be abused by its patients, and all of them can cause side effects, but overdosing on medical marijuana is much more dangerous than any drugs. The scientists behind this study did not officially say why they ran these tests, but maybe they were trying to send a message to anyone who overdoses on is what is only supposed to be a medicine. However, that is purely speculation.