Rockstar Doesn’t Care About GTA 5 PC Mods

It has been reported that Rockstar Games has issued a threat to close down all online PC mods of Grand Theft Auto V. However, as we speak, GTA 5 PC mods still exist and are present via FiveM. There has been a lot of controversy about this since Rockstar games do not want PC mods, and some players want to keep playing with them.


Well if it was up to Rockstar Games it can be rest assured that GTA 5 PC mods would be destroyed and never used again. Many players have stated that these mods provide an unfair advantage to the game and almost make the game cheap. While that is an issue for some players, other players probably like the fact that the mods make the game easier. However, Rockstar Games is certainly not a fan. Unfortunately for Rockstar Games, FiveM continues to run because it is speculated that it is hard for it to be taken down because even if it was another company could take the code and run it. It really seems like GTA 5 PC mods will never die and this will no doubt make hardcore fans annoyed. Many fans will probably be irritated that others are gaining such easy online success with these mods. It will be very interesting to see what Rockstar Games does in the future if they truly do want to kill GTA 5 PC mods for good.

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No one can blame Rockstar for being a little upset by this. They created Grand Theft Auto V and they should have a say for other versions or additions. However, is the hassle really worth it and should they just give up and accept it? This really depends on how far Rockstar is willing to go and how determined they are to end these mods. They have already clearly stated that they do not like these pc mods so it might be hard for them to just let this go. The question that will remain is: will GTA 5 PC mods eventually be terminated.