Lara Croft is Sexy on Tomb Raider

For fans that don’t know, there are two different kinds of Lara Croft fans. Those who think she is sexy, and those who think she is sexy. OK, so there is one type of Lara Croft fans because it is almost a fact that she is one of the most attractive video game characters of all-time. Lara Croft, whether or not the makers of Tomb Raider wanted it or not, has become an ultimate sex symbol for video gaming.

5. Rise of Tomb 1


There are not many video game female protagonists that are as popular as Lara Croft is. It is almost guaranteed that half her popularity is due to the fact that so many have a crush on her. This is the reality of the situation, she is popular because of how sexy she is. It would be nice if there was a reason outside of that, but with how dominant this world is on sex symbols there really is not. That is what makers her one of a kind; the fact that a majority of her fan base is there simply due to her looks. There are probably a select few that honestly like her because of her characterization, personality, and other features, but not many. This has led to Tomb Raider gaining very good popularity, but is it all due to how good looking she is? Also, would Tomb Raider be as popular if the protagonist was a normal guy? These questions are very difficult to answer because ever since she was created, she has been a sex symbol for the entire world to see.


There is no denying that Lara Croft is smoking, but is she really a good symbol for video gaming? One thing that needs to be remembered is there are some video games that send very bad messages with outrageous violence, pervasive language, and explicit sexual activity. There are some games that would shock some people with how graphic they are, so Lara Croft is nothing compared to some gaming figures. However, none of those characters could match up to her popularity so she would get criticized more. With that being said, Lara Croft is not that bad of an influence, but that is up to interpretation.