Paris Climate Conference: All Talk, No Action

After the failure of the 2009 Copenhagen conference for climate change, the Paris climate conference hopes to bring some more realistic solutions to global warming. International negotiators will be meeting at the famed city to attempt to produce plans to press world governments to lower greenhouse gas emissions and to create institutions that monitor this progress.

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More than 125 Nations Are Participating in the Conference

The result of the conference, according to analysts, will likely be something similar to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade after World War II. This encouraged nations to negotiate with each other and form agreements to lower trade barriers. With over 125 countries participating, there can be a lot of positive initiative to start making some changes.

The Countries With Highest Rates of Emissions Are Already Pledging Change

The United States is already on board, promising to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 26%-28% from 2005 levels by 2025, and China promises to peak their emissions within 15 years, and increase the use of renewable energy nationwide and setting a carbon price. In Europe, there is already a carbon-price in place, and the participating European countries are promising to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from their 1990 by 2030.

If These Promises Are Followed, Global Temperatures Will Rise 2.7C

The target is to keep global warming below 2C, and 2.7C is a much closer target and a much more feasible one. The Paris climate conference, if it is more than talk, can bring the world closer to cutting down climate change and reduce the warming of the oceans.