Google To Help People With Disabilities just Like Facebook and Starbucks

It looks like Google is following in the footsteps of Facebook and Starbucks with their helping of the disabled. Facebook announced that they released Facebook for the blind, and Starbucks announced that they were going to help the def. Now Google has followed in their footsteps and are helping the students with special needs via music.

14. Google helps people with disabilities like Facebook and Starbucks


Google announced on their blog that they were funding a request for a school full of kids with special needs to help them, with music. Google stated that they were hosting school-wide celebrations to honor teachers of students with special needs. The teacher that was funded by them stated how they noticed how music can give students an opportunity to discover themselves. Google announced they will help them with all of the funding they need for their instruments that they use. They have now joined Facebook and Starbucks as companies that are helping out the disabled. These three companies realize that helping out people is what this world is all about. All of these companies provide great services, but helping out people with special needs is one of, if not, the best.


This should be an example for all companies to do what these three have. There are most certainly companies who have already done this, but it would be great for them all to do it as well. Special needs kids can not help it that they are the way they are, and they deserve a chance to be treated like everybody else. They deserve to surf on Facebook, to go to Starbucks for coffee, and play instruments of music. These three companies deserve to be applauded for what they are doing. This is certainly a good day for Google and all of the special needs kids that now get to experience their favorite instruments because of them.