Zuckerberg Thanks God With $45 Billion

The chief executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has officially announced, via a letter, that he and his wife are going to be donating 99% of their total Facebook shares during their lifetimes. Zuckerberg said that that amounts to $45 billion of donations. This type of unselfishness and generosity is exactly what makes this world great and it can be rest assured that it puts a huge smile on God’s face.

Zuckerberg 2


Zuckerberg announced in his letter some of the reasoning behind why he is deciding to donate so much of his shares. He said in his letter that he wants the children of the world today to grow up in a better world. The fact that he is willing to donate so much of his money is amazing. Zuckerberg also mentioned in his letter that he would not dispose of more than $1 billion of Facebook’s stock in a given year. This would ensure that he is not putting himself in debt with as much money as he is planning to donate. Zuckerberg is also getting some recognition from one of the most successful men in the world. Bill Gates stated that he admired the fact that Zuckerberg is already starting to give back at such a young age, being only 31 years old. Anytime you get Bill Gates to give you recognition, you have done something right.

It takes a lot of unselfishness to donate 99% of your total revenue. Now understandably, even 1% of all total shares, for a company as huge as Facebook, will be enough to live on. If 99% of Facebook’s total shares is $45 billion, then 1% would most likely suffice. However, $45 billion is an amount of money that several people could not even dream of having, so donating it all to charity is masterful. Zuckerberg should be considered a living legend after his amazing generosity.