LinkedIn Draws Attention from Facebook

LinkedIn - Clapway

LinkedIn has announced that they are releasing their brand new mobile app. They announced that there are going to be five major areas and that the app will be smarter and more simpler than previous iterations. A few of the five major areas sound like they are going to resemble another messaging platform, Facebook.

LinkedIn - Clapway


As previously mentioned, LinkedIn announced that their newest app will focus on five major areas. One of the areas is called Your Feed. It is said by the company that this feature will collect content from your network based on the most relevant information from your skills, industry, etc. The next feature is said to be called Me. The company says that this will allow users to view their profile. The third feature is called My Network. The company states that this will allow anybody to keep up with their fellow workers and other people. Messaging is the fourth feature and this is said to allow the users to do just what you would think and that is message others. The last feature the company says is Search, and this will allow users to search up information and various other things. LinkedIn also said that this will be 300 times faster than before.


Facebook is one of the most well-known social media messaging engines known to man. Now it appears LinkedIn may be taking something from them with their new app. This is mostly focusing on the My Network and Messaging areas. Now, is this a bad thing that it might resemble Facebook? Well, simply no and if anything it is a good thing. Facebook is very well known and having your platform resemble them could be looked at as a good business strategy.


The company has announced that this app is currently available from the App Store and on Google Play. There is no need to sit and wait for this app, anybody looking for a new app to rival what Facebook does better jump all over this.