Children Need to be Protected from VTech and Google

Children Privacy Google VTech

US authorities have asked VTech Holdings and Google for the data that it retains of children using digital toys. VTech suffered a cyberattack this week, where the data of 6.4 million children were exposed.

Children Privacy Google VTech

The Breach Raised Concerns on How VTech Stores Data

The letter stated that authorities held suspicions about how the company was using children’s data, as well as whether or not it shares or sells it. The authorities demand VTech reveal how they protect the data and if it is in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, which enables parents to control their children’s data.

VTech Had Not Protected Their Database Well Enough

After announcing that the data of 4.9 million adults had been stolen from their database, and now they’ve added that the data of 6.4 million children is also at risk. The company has stated that they are entirely at fault.

The majority of the information, they revealed, belonged to people in the United States. The company could be facing private lawsuits from customers all over the world, and their shares have fallen 2.73% since the cyberattack was announced. Authorities have requested answers to their concerns by January 8.

Cyber Attacks Are Becoming More and More Common

The last quarter of this year has seen a lot of breaches on the web, which means cyber security must be strengthened. All companies should seek to protect their databases to the best of their ability.