Cell Spy Apps: What they Do and What they Don’t

Cell spy apps are getting more and more popular. Whether you are a concerned parent who is looking for a digital parental substitute to keep your kids out of the harm’s way or an employer wanting to take a peek into your employees’ activities or a spouse wanting to keep an eye on your partner’s whereabouts, the online market is buzzing with myriad of call spy apps that offer astounding features to satisfy your detective needs. Spying kept aside, these apps are an excellent tool to build a backup for your phone’s data as well as trace the mobile in urgent situations such as when the mobile is lost or stolen.

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Some of the apps are offered on a free-trial basis but the time period for such offers is usually limited and the features provided are often restricted. In order to unlock and enjoy the entire Pandora box of features, one however needs to choose a package and pay for it. The apps on the web shelf offer more or less the same list of features. Let’s view them at a glance.

Cell Spy Apps Can Record Calls

In cell spy apps, all the incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone can be recorded. The recordings are routed to the online user control panel that can be accessed by the user alone using the credentials provided by the company.

Live ambient recording

Nothing can dissolve or verify your doubts more than listening to your target’s surroundings in cell spy apps. In order to initiate the listening and recording of surround sounds, some apps requires a secret SMS command to be sent from the web control panel. As soon as the target phone receives the secret message, it starts sending uninterrupted, live feedback of its surroundings, down to your end. With further advancement, some apps give you the benefit of directly activating the microphone on the target device from your online dashboard, without having to send a secret SMS command.

Phone Tracking

This feature enables you to view complete call logs with contact name, number, date and time stamp of each call sent or received.

SMS Tracking

This allows you to keep a record of all messages sent, received or saved on the target phone. You can not only view the name and number of each recipient and sender but also read off the date and time for each message. What’s more? Even deleted messages can be retrieved but this advanced feature is only rolled out by a few spyware companies. All these details can be viewed on the user dashboard that can be accessed via an internet connected system as well as saved for evidential purposes.

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IM Tracking

With this feature at hand, monitoring the messages sent over Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Viber and WhatsApp becomes a piece of cake. No need to worry about gathering passwords to access each individual account when instant reports from all accounts are sent simultaneously over to your web account.

Location Tracking

If you are curious about your child’s stop points as he/she moves out with friends or want to monitor your employees on the road, this feature will definitely prove helpful. Integrated with GPS, it enables you to trace the target anywhere around the globe. The geo co-ordinates of the target are displayed on a Google map for convenience. You can not only view the current locations but also keep a chronological record of all previously visited locations. The locations for the incoming and outgoing phone calls and SMS are offered as a bonus by some apps.

View Multimedia files

Nearly all spy apps allow you to view multimedia files saved on the target device. These include all photos, Mms, audio and video files. Some brands take this feature one step ahead. They permit the subscriber to delete files on the target phone, making it easier for parents to access and control the viewership of inappropriate content on their child’s smartphone or tablet.

View browser history

Are you worried about the surfing pattern of your child or want to maintain a log of the web sites most frequently logged in by your employees? This feature helps you to view the entire browsing history and some advanced packages allow you to retrieve deleted history files as well. You can also check in on saved bookmarks and find out what interests the subject the most.

View contacts

All the contacts and the information adjacent to them such as their numbers and e mail id’s can be viewed in one go. Some applications give you the option to modify the contacts such as deleting some of them or blocking calls from certain numbers.

View appointments and reminders

At a single glance, cell spy apps allow you to sweep through the appointments set on the calendar and important things in the reminders section. That can give you a good idea about who your target intends to meet and the things that he intends to do in future.

Track System logs

Cell spy apps will notify you when the phone is switched on or off, when the ring mode or other settings are changed as well as you can receive alerts for a change of SIM or when the phone is connecting to a Wi-Fi.

Configure Alerts

You can set alerts on the target device according to your will such as when a certain number is dialed or when certain keywords are typed.

Remote control

In cell spy apps, you only need the phone or tablet once, at the time of installation. The rest of the monitoring is all done remotely using a workable system and a viable internet connection. The best part is that you cannot just remotely view but also modify the activity on the target phone. You can remotely delete contacts. You can block or unblock calls from different numbers in the contact list. You can start, pause or stop applications and even delete improper ones. You can block websites based on keywords or website URL. You can even wipe out the entire data on the device from a distance.

There is very little that you can’t do with these apps. Improving day by day, these apps grant you even greater freedom, enabling you to virtually accompany your target at all times and places. The freedom shouldn’t however, be misused and where possible the use of such apps should involve the consent of the monitored party.

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