T-Mobile Is Trying Hard To Destroy AT&T

3. AT&T T-Mobil 2

Don’t worry AT&T it is not personal for T-Mobile, it is just business. It seems that this holiday season T-Mobile is trying to steal all of AT&T’s customers. Albeit a little aggressive, it is a great business strategy for them. Let’s take a look at how they are planning on converting all of AT&T’s customers.


T-Mobile has announced some amazing deals for all AT&T customers. The first big one is a 128 GB iPhone 6s, for only $649.99, for them. To put this in perspective, the 16 GB version of the same phone is the same price. This is over 100 GB more of internal storage for the same price. It does not end there though as they will also be getting 50 percent off all accessories over $70. They said that the limit will be $125, but 50 percent off is a huge chunk of money. If there was ever a time for AT&T users to officially switch to T-Mobile, it would be now!

3. AT&T T-Mobil


All of these recent sales for AT&T users is coming off of T-Mobile already having much more postpaid money from subscribers. Before this, they had five times the amount of postpaid subscribers last year. There should be no doubt that this number will continue to grow. It seems as if T-Mobile is set to make it their goal to officially end them. This would certainly get rid of another obstacle for them and make it so they could officially stop caring about them.


This will end up being a very interesting revelation. All of these promotions should allow T-Mobile to steal some AT&T customers, but how many can they? Will they steal enough to completely annihilate and finish AT&T? Only time will end up answering these questions, but as of right now it would appear that they are set to convert a lot of AT&T users.