FireEye Finds Complex Malware FIN1 Created in Russia

A US-based cyber security firm called FireEye has discovered a kind of malware that is designed to steal payment card data, and it’s very hard to detect and remove it. The group behind the malware has been nicknamed FIN1, and they’re suspected to be based in Russia.

FireEye - Complex Malware

FIN1’s Main Target Are Financial Institutions

Credit and debit card data is among the most wanted pieces of information of any individual. Security of these items has been increasing during recent years, but cyber attacks have gotten more clever. Giant companies like Target and Home Depot have suffered data breaches that compromises client information, and some payment processors have also been targeted.

The malware uses a bootkit functionality, which can be bypassed by any antivirus software. It allows for raw disk access to look for malware, and once it latches on to it, it’s almost impossible to remove. System administrators should have to wipe the devices completely clean of all data and then reload the operating systems.

One Up for the Russians

There hasn’t been a solution found for this kind of malware. Cyber security threats have been really popular in 2015, and it’s possible that they get even stronger as more businesses and enterprises follow cloud systems, which may be safer in the physical world but less than in the cybernetic world.

But cyber security firms are stepping up to the plate to fight back. Hopefully even entire governments turn to reliable cyber security firms to strengthen all platforms so that they’re not sensitive to threats. Attacks are possible from all directions, both remotely and internationally, and individual people as well as entire organizations must remain safe from all threats. Firms like FireEye have become increasingly popular, and hopefully firms like these will become stronger to fight back against threats to persons and enterprises.