NASA Will Be Returning to Lunar Orbit Soon

16. Moon 2 NASA
NASA has confirmed that they have no intention of investing in another International Space Station and that they’re planning to move out of low Earth orbit as soon as possible. The new plan is to get humans to the cislunar orbit.
16. Moon 2 NASA

NASA is Looking to Move Out of the ISS ASAP

The agency can no longer afford funding projects for the ISS and other space expeditions, so it is likely that astronauts belonging to the agency will move out of there the first chance they get. The American spot at the ISS will likely be filled in by the private sector.
They hope to advance microgravity research while they still have time as well. Charles Bolden, NASA administrator, said that the agency is currently trying to convince the US government to give tax incentives to companies to test products and materials in zero gravity. No results have been declared about these requests.

An ISIS 2.0 is Inevitable

Regardless of NASA’s movements, it’s possible that a second International Space Station is developed, and will likely be filled in by the same people that are currently supplying the current ISS. A move to cislunar space is, however, expected.
NASA has been wanting to head to a different region of space for a while, still maintaining hopes to reach Mars. They’re developing a new gargantuan rocket, the Space Launch System, to head to lunar orbit in 2021. This would include a crew of 4 in the Orion capsule. This task will occupy much of NASA’s time and resources for the next few years. NASA has been looking to all kinds of resources to get to Mars or even further into space. It seems like it’s headed in the right direction for now. All it needs is the support of the US government and the rest of the American community.