Microsoft Helps NASA Astronauts on ISS

NASA Astronauts on ISS

NASA has sent a few of Microsoft’s HoloLens to NASA astronauts on ISS to help better accomplish tasks or missions that require coaching from the ground. There is no clear connection between virtual reality and space travel, but the team of NASA astronauts on ISS will be using them to get briefed on tasks and procedures.

NASA Astronauts on ISS

Microsoft HoloLens Will Be Tested in Space

The HoloLens doesn’t hit the terrestrial market until early next year, but its ‘mixed reality’ capability hopes to be of use at the ISS, since it can put any Windows app onto any surrounding. The team are hoping to use the HoloLens to be able to show Houston what’s going on at the station, and get briefed as if the team was at Houston. NASA astronauts on ISS could also be coached through any tasks by people on the ground.

This will definitely ease many processes, and better train the crew at ISS how to best accomplish their tasks, regardless of how small. This will guarantee the closest thing to direct communication for both parties. Currently, the team at ISS depends on tablets to communicate with the ground, so this will make things significantly easier.

NASA Astronauts on ISS Could Even Play Halo 5: Guardians

Since the headset works with any Windows app or game, this could bode well for the team of astronauts at their leisure. There’s probably not much to do while the ISS is quiet, but these headsets will surely give Scott Kelly and company a more fun way to spend their downtime. Gaming is a very immersive experience now, and there’s a lot to be learned from it. Not to mention it would give the astronauts respite from the limited space in the cabin. Let’s just hope it doesn’t distract them from accomplishing their mandatory tasks!