New Twitter Look is A Lot Like Instagram

New Twitter Look

Twitter has always been lacking somehow as a social media platform, and the new Twitter look is hoping to change that. It has never been as popular as Facebook, and when Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat were introduced to the masses, Twitter lost a lot of its ground.

New Twitter Look

Twitter Revamps its Timeline

The new Twitter layout makes it so that pictures aren’t cropped. While this is slightly withdrawn from the principle of tweeting, which is scrunching thoughts onto 150 characters or less, it’s a welcome change. The fact that photos got awkwardly cut off was one of many complaints that users had. It made it less convenient to upload pictures, and a lot of users were discouraged from it.

The New Twitter Look is Oddly Reminiscent of Instagram

Earlier in the year, Twitter rolled out an update that replaced Favorites with Likes, which was much in the likeness of Facebook. According to the official announcement, this happened because users can’t Favorite anything. Users will hopefully favorite the new look of the platform. The new layout makes it look a lot like Instagram, with a similar detail placement. Is it possible that by combining different aspects of different social media platforms Twitter will become more popular?

Will The Social Network Get its Wonder Back?

Hopefully, this new Twitter look gives it some more hype and attention. It would be well-deserved, too, as the platform is still unique in its own way. The blue bird still is a household item, present in probably every home screen of every smartphone, and it could recover what glory it has lost with coming updates.

Twitter has even lost to its sibling company Vine, which blew up quite dramatically throughout the past two years. Although the platform also adopted a ‘Like’ feature, it’s been much more successful at drawing new public and keeping it. Many videographers and musicians have been discovered through the platform. A time will come again where Twitter will be a force to be reckoned with.