Facebook News Feed Outsmarts Google News, Yahoo News and Apple News

Facebook News Yahoo News Google News

Facebook has announced an update to the Facebook News Feed, which allows for it to work efficiently even in bad, slow connections. The social networking site released a statement with the announcement.

Facebook News Yahoo News Google News

Emerging Markets Are Using Facebook in 2G Connections

Facebook revealed that people are going online at an increasing rate in emerging markets, and most of them are using 2G connections. The new Facebook News Feed now works regardless of the device used or the kind of network connection. Slow or fast, the Facebook News Feed will work seamlessly to show users the most relevant stories of the day.

Other feeds like Google News and Yahoo News, Flipboard only repost news from news stations, which can take a lot longer to report than social media. This is a very smart move, because when a topic is trending on Facebook, users can get the news from real people involved. In the same vein, people can get different opinions.

Facebook News Yahoo News Google News Facebook News Feed

Facebook Now Features Offline Comments

The same announcement revealed that Facebook now lets users write comments on posts even when they’re offline, and as soon as your device reaches a good connection, the comment will be submitted. While this does change the basic layout of the new Facebook News Feed, it delivers the most important information with the smallest amount of network connection.

New Facebook News Feed Will Roll Out, But A Date Hasn’t Been Specified

The announcement did not attach an official date to the roll out of these new features, and it’s likely that the new Facebook News Feed will be launched in the markets the blog referenced before it hits larger ones with wider network webs like the United States and other countries in America. Updates regarding the roll out will be sent out via Facebook Engineering Blog.

Hopefully future updates will give for the exact date. This feature will allow users who are either in the air or at sea a way to get a quick fix of the latest news, and keep people traveling through remote locations.

Facebook is The Prince of Silicon Valley

As a company, Facebook has branched out to every single vein of the information technology industry. Not only have they developed the most important social media network of the time, but it also morphed into being something more: Facebook is a website that truly unites friends and loved ones without requiring them to be physically close to one another. Recent features like the safety check have changed the way people adapt to disaster and the way information about natural and unnatural chaos is delivered. A lot of people have been put at peace thanks to this feature, and as it continues to grow, it will ensure the safety of any user under any circumstance.

As time goes by, the social network will continue to grow. Facebook currently has one of the most advanced AIs in all of Silicon Valley, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. They’ve made the social network accessible for the blind, made it so the technology can talk to you and communicate with you. Mark Zuckerberg has made significant investments in the future of science and technology and has put his stake on new projects that will change the face of Silicon Valley as time goes on.

Mark Zuckerberg is A Technology Juggernaut

Facebook has much more ambition than could be initially expected. After The Social Network made its debut in 2010, people may have thought that Facebook had reached its peak in popularity. Many thought that it could only drop in popularity and in usefulness. The reality has turned out to be very different. Facebook has a vision, and it’s putting it to very good use. It has become an unsung prince of Silicon Valley, and it has the kind of power to even become the king. 

Facebook Has Your Back, in More Ways than One

Mark Zuckerberg has developed a website that’s more like an annoyingly protective cousin. While it does occasionally overshare, or get cluttered with videos of little relevance, it’s the go-to for basically everything. From celebrity gossip to development on the latest news to birthdays and engagement announcements, Facebook has our back.