New Artificial Intelligence Program Will Help Machine Learning

OpenAI, a new artificial intelligence program, is being created and it could drastically improve machine learning. Many companies have already announced their joint investments into the project. Human-level artificial intelligence is going to be present in the world eventually, and the backers behind this project mentioned this.

Artificial Intelligence


It was announced by Tesla Motors that they were going to be giving $1 billion into this project. This is adding on to the fact that some major companies have already invested some of their revenue into OpenAI. These companies include Amazon, Facebook, and Google. Those are three of the biggest tech companies in the world right now. OpenAI has an open website and on it, they have a blog page. One member of the project posted a blog and he mentions that their goal is to advance artificial intelligence in a way so that it can be beneficial to humans. However, could this lead to machine learning becoming so great that they will take over humankind?

Artificial Intelligence


This is actually quite a scary thought. Knowing how innovative and talented some of these tech companies are, they better be careful when making stuff like this. As a matter of fact Elon Musk, the chief executive at Tesla Motors, comments on it. He warned the world of the problem if artificial intelligence becomes too intelligent. Musk warns that this could become humanity’s biggest existential threat. If machine learning advances so much, humans may not be able to keep up. The ironic thing is, is humans are making this technology and humans could be the downfall of themselves. This program has just gotten under way, but if more funding keeps coming in from huge companies then machine learning might end up taking over our place in this world.


Making machines more intelligent has its positives and negatives. The biggest positive is the fact that machines would be more efficient and make fewer mistakes. However, with this comes the biggest drawback. As mentioned earlier, if machines become too smart they could end up replacing humans in the world. This may sound far-fetched, and the plot of a sci-fi movie, but it is something to keep in mind that is not entirely impossible. Overall, all involved in OpenAI need to make sure they do not make artificial intelligence so great that we will not be needed anymore!