China 2 Child Policy is Good for RenRen and Weibo, But Bad for Facebook

China 2 Child Policy is Good for RenRen and Weibo, But Bad for Facebook

RenRen and Weibo might take over Facebook’s title of the most visited social media website, thanks to the upgraded 2 child policy in China. As such, we can expect Facebook to be more aggressive in its approach to become the top social network in the West.

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China Could Double its Population Within the Next 20 Years

With the newly introduced 2 child policy, China could really take over. It’s still a mystery whether or not the country will be able to employ everyone, so they will move around and become the best consumers and suppliers. China has always had deep interests in technology, and they could ruin Facebook.

The most popular social media websites in China are Weibo and RenRen. RenRen launched around the same time as Facebook, and it’s one of the trendiest websites in the country. If it remains so in 10 years, it could dwarf Facebook’s popularity in the East.

China Has Never Needed Western Trends, But This is a Different Scale

The Asian continent is in a different world as the West. They have an alternative for nearly every Western trend or make their own. Usually, by the time that trend makes it to the West, it’s old news. This goes for a lot of things, like maglev wind turbines or even emojis. Facebook is popular with Chinese students that have friends in the West, but Weibo and RenRen are the ruling social media platform for the rest.

The West has some scrambling to do if they’re looking to make the same kind of capital that they do in America in Asia. Facebook, which has reigned since 2005, may crumble. Google might not have to since they have a consistent interest in Southwestern Asia and the continent overall.

Facebook Joins Hands With Uber

For now, Facebook has made it so that the Facebook Messenger lets users order an Uber from the platform. This is probably the first attempt from Facebook to show dominance in the Western hemisphere.

Why exactly did Facebook link Uber to its messaging app and not the social media website? This is perhaps in an attempt at novelty. Unless Apple or Skype make it possible to order a cab from their IM platforms, Facebook has no competition.

This is one more territory where Facebook stands proud, but it’s not a unique approach. China has been doing this for years. They have apps like WeChat, which handles voice, text, virtual retail and lets users run and pay for services. This platform allows customers, clients and businesses to interact, all from a single platform.

If China Moves for the West it’s Game Over

Facebook is only breaking ground in America because China hasn’t joined the Western market. If they do, and there is a high chance of it happening, things will change. It’s likely that many businesses will branch out to America because Chinese people are almost overloaded with these services.

Meanwhile, other Western companies have time to catch up. If Weibo or RenRen get a Western alternate or if more Chinese people move to the West, they will lose a lot of profits. Facebook is the front runner now, but things could change. China also may have a lot of power in Asia, but it could also be that they won’t stick in America. Still, they will most likely still be crushingly popular in Asia.

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Chinese Population Will Grow Anyway

The rate at which China will grow in terms of population is unpredictable. After censi proved that there weren’t enough women in the country. This is due to many factors. Regardless, they will pose a big threat to the West in terms of business. Hopefully, the Western hemisphere will move accordingly.