The Latest Ford Fiesta RS Report is Fake

The Latest Ford Fiesta RS Report is Fake Clapway

The 2017 Ford Fiesta RS is rumored to be coming with 250 horsepower to bring back the spirit of racing to the model. This would be the perfect announcement to car enthusiasts that were looking out for the Focus RS but did not have the ability to snag it because of its price. Unfortunately, it’s probably not true at all.

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Ford Fiesta RS Could Come in Time for Fiesta Racer 40th Anniversary

The car’s power is seeing a great upgrade, going from 197 horsepower to 250. The new model is supposed to be an echo of the Fiesta nameplate 40 years later. It will feature updated brakes, sport-tuned suspension, a six-speed manual transmission and a look reminiscent of the latest Fiesta RS WRC racer car.

New Fiesta RS Won’t Feature the Ford Performance All-Wheel Drive

Ford is probably saving its new Performance All-Wheel drive for a different upcoming model since it announced the launch of 12 new models by 2020. These will include a new GT supercar, a new F-150 Raptor, a new Focus RS, a Mustang Shelby GT350 and a new Mustang Shelby GT350R.

Is the Release of this Car Confirmed?

None of these facts or specs have been confirmed by Ford. Fans would surely love to have a new Ford Fiesta in the car maker’s roster, but until a company representative comes out to confirm the reports, they are nothing more than speculation.

A Lot of Things Get Lost in Translation

It’s easy and fun to speculate, especially in industries like the automobile one. It’s possible that this is based on some fact. The original report on the car, however, suggests that it would be nice ‘if’ Ford were to release a new Ford Fiesta RS as part of their 12 models by 2020. This is because it would coincide with the 40th anniversary of the well-known nameplate.

Again, until the reports are confirmed with evidence by a reliable source, it’s nothing more than a rumor. We can expect to hear word from Ford as the upcoming Motor Shows draw nearer. We may see some concept cars to be released in the next four years during these conferences.

Will Honda Also Make a Honda Fit RS?

The Ford Fiesta’s main competitor has been the Honda Fit since 2011. It’d be hilarious if these two models came head to head again with their respective RS models. The Hoda Fit was said to be a better buy than the Ford Fiesta because it’s a sportier drive. Would the same happen if both models were released to the market in RS form?

The answer is probably no. There’s a lot of excitement for what the future will bring for Ford, who has suffered quite a difficult year. 2015 has been one of the least profitable years for the American car maker, and it has suffered some significant losses.

Nevertheless, ford has the tendency to bounce back whenever it hits a slump. We can expect to hear much exciting news regarding the car maker’s upcoming models, probably as soon as the year begins. What’s next in store for Ford?

What's Next in Store for Ford? Clapway

What’s Next in Store for Ford?

Ford has been rumored to have teamed up with Google to develop a new possibly commercial self-driving car. These reports are also unconfirmed, but they are equally exciting. If the legacy of Henry Ford makes a new American self-driving car, then all the gains and losses will make this worth it.

If this self-driving car hits the market commercially, it could shatter records. Ford is certainly more reliable than other brands like Tesla or Volvo, and there are thousands upon thousands more clients to prove it. The road to 2020 may not be so dull for the company after all.