Apple Tumblr and Facebook Collaborate for New Live Photos

Apple Tumblr and Facebook Collaborate for New Live Photos Clapway

The latest widget out of Apple just made it to Tumblr and Facebook  The platforms now supports Apple’s moving picture feature Live Photos. The only other devices that support Live Photos is the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

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What is Apple Live Photos?

The new feature allows users to take pictures, but it also records a few frames before the moment the picture is taken and a few frames after. It also records sound. They can be viewed as both images and videos, and they can even be translated to GIFs. Still photos are no longer still with this new feature.

The one drawback to this feature is that it’s been pretty exclusive to Apple’s iPhone 6s series and iOS 9. There aren’t any third party apps that support Live Photos or sharing just yet.

Tumblr and Facebook Change the Game

Famous for bringing moving pictures to the internet spotlight, Tumblr has announced that they’ll be the first web platform to support Apple’s moving Live Photos. Any Live Photos uploaded onto the social media platform will feature Live Photo’s circular bottom when viewed from a Tumblr gallery. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus owners can tap the icon to view the moving image. Users with iOS 9 in older Apple devices can tap and hold the icon for viewing.

Live Photos on Facebook Isn’t Available to Everyone Yet

Facebook just joined the ranks to support this new feature. The update hasn’t rolled out to all regions yet. Facebook has declared that they will release support for this in a few waves for expedited troubleshooting. Those who do have the update available will be able to choose Live Photos from their ‘Photo’ posts on Facebook. The lower right corner of the chosen photo should have a ‘Live’ button that can be switched on and off.

Live Photos on Facebook Isn't Available to Everyone Yet Clapway

Update Will Be Widespread In the First Part of 2016

Apple Live Photos will bring a few changes to the game in social media. Tumblr and a few other choice websites are well-known for featuring mostly gifs on posts. Bringing them to social media will bring the magic of Tumblr to Facebook. This will make popularity rise for both platforms, though Facebook might see a higher increase in traffic because of the novelty.