Blackberry Priv is for the Rich, iPhone 7 is for Show-Offs

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Blackberry is giving the smartphone world one more try with the Blackberry Priv. According to analysts, they might just make it back in.

Blackberry Priv Clapway

The Switch to Android OS Could Save Blackberry

The biggest drawback that faced Blackberry was probably their OS, which excluded Blackberry users from using applications that are universal to both iOS and Android.

With the Blackberry Priv, things could be seeing a change. The smartphone came out on top in rankings for Android phones, for its updated OS and the security that Blackberry is well known for. Security, especially of the cybernetic kind, has become a huge concern for many people and many businesses.

Security Saves the Blackberry Priv

Because of its great security features, it has become an attractive buy for many enterprises. The biggest obstacle the company is facing is the device’s price. With a design courtesy of Samsung and an operating system courtesy of Android, the Blackberry Priv’s price tag is much pricier than its predecessors. With the average price of $699, it’s lined up against the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6, though arguably with less perks.

Blackberry Will Release A Cheaper Priv in the Future

Blackberry CEO John Chen has nevertheless declared that the company is working on a cheaper iteration of the phone. This would make it a lot more accessible and boost sales. Blackberry surely needs the numbers if they want to continue being a part of the smartphone industry.

Following up the Priv with another device is a great idea, but it’s too soon to tell if the current Priv will sell enough to merit a follow-up device. Either that, or Blackberry will once again team up with other tech giants like Samsung and Google to find the same kind of elegance at a better price.

Will Blackberry Stay on the Smartphone Market? Clapway

Will Blackberry Stay on the Smartphone Market?

It’s still too soon to tell if they will continue to release smartphones in the future. While the hardware is improved, the price is a really big setback for the company, and it could be their downfall. Nevertheless, 2016 will be a very important year for Blackberry’s handset exploits.