SmartEgg Controls Everything From Your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy

SmartEgg Controls Everything From Your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Clapway

SmartEgg is the first all-in-one remote that connects you to all of your home electronics directly from your smartphone. At an affordable price and with a super elegant design, this little gadget will be the answer to home connectivity.

SmartEgg Clapway

This  Uses Device-Learning to Connect Your Entire Home

It’s (nearly) 2016 and we still need a separate remote for every one of our home electronics. These often get lost, we mistake one for the other, or they fall prey to house pets or children. Not to mention the amount of batteries that go to waste on them, even when they are not being used. SmartEgg hopes to bring one final solution to that by bringing in a Bluetooth powered universal remote.

SmartEgg has the ability to cover thousands of remotes in a cloud database, and its interface (in an app) can be handled one-handed, just like a remote. It has an internal timer that can switch home electronics off if you aren’t at home. It can also remove unwanted keys for devices, as well as regroup and reorder them. SmartEgg is even able to control multiple devices at the same time, so all the power is one tap to the screen away.

All it Takes is A Few Taps from Your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy

With its Device-Learning ability, it can adapt to old or new devices. In fact, it can even interact with them. For example, if a user’s iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or other smartphone is ringing and they happen to be watching TV, SmartEgg will pause the program or mute it so users can pick up the call. SmartEgg also supports iBeacon technology, which enables it to track and sense the presence of the main user to trigger actions automatically. The SmartEgg’s battery lasts over 12 months, and as such, it consumes much less energy than all other remotes would combined.

How Does the Gadget Work?

SmartEgg has the ability to control any infrared device through Bluetooth, and it’s backed up by a cloud database that has the codes of more than 5,500 remote controllers and 125,000 IR codes. These numbers increase every day, and SmartEgg is able to handle over 250 different IR protocols. It features a very sensitive IR receiver, and with self-learning, it can search for any old and new devices to pair with.

All it Takes is A Few Taps from Your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Clapway

This Gadget Has Many Other Features

In addition to all the wonderful things it already does, SmartEgg also monitors Temperature, can control your Thermostat and features Auto Mute, which will shut off sound to TVs if users are on a call.