Twitter Unlocks Special Celebration Emoji for The New Year

Twitter Unlocks Special Celebration Emoji for The New Year Clapway

Parts of the world are already celebrating the beginning of 2016, and many have turned to Twitter to spread the cheer. There are already thousands of tweets of people confessing their wishes, resolutions and showcasing how the celebrate on the social media platform.

Happy New Year Clapway

To Celebrate, Twitter Has Launched A Fireworks Emoji

This new emoji can be unlocked when people use certain hashtags on the platform. The hashtags are all related to the New Year – #HappyNewYear in English and its alternative in over 35 other language.

This is to unite the entire Twitter user base in one place, with the trendiest hashtag of every December 31st. Other languages that will turn on the emoji include: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Portuguese, Punjabi, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and even Urdu.

Twitter Partners Up with Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment

The companies that organize the biggest event of the year, the Times Square New Year’s Eve in New York City. They will be showcasing the conversation going on on Twitter. Both tweets and videos will be fully on display under the Times Square Ball, which even has it’s own Twitter handle. It will also be displayed in other screens in the area for the million people that will be in the area tonight.

New Year’s Tweets Will Be Showcased Across the Globe

The messages will not be limited to the Twitter platform and Times Square. Times Square New Year’s Eve will be sharing content from the even with broadcasters from around the globe. The yearly ball drop gathers more than a billion viewers every year, and 2015 will be no different.

This event, historic in all parts of the world, unites everyone. It connects people from Honolulu to Fiji and everywhere in between. The new special emoji is one more way to welcome 2016 in style and as one.

To Celebrate, Twitter Has Launched A Fireworks Emoji Clapway

Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve

We can expect to see the screens of Time Square with year-end celebrations of all kinds, as people gather at the landmark by the masses. It’s also important to stay safe as well, as masses can get over-excited. Always travel in groups and never drink and drive. Make sure to look out for yourself and your own!