NASA Hubble Telescope Finds New Galaxy, Are UFOs Next?

NASA Hubble Telescope Finds New Galaxy, Are UFOs Next Clapway

NASA Hubble Telescope has witnessed the birth of a new galaxy today, born from the merging to two others. Could the telescope spot UFO’s next? The new galaxy is called NGC 6052, and it is located 230 million light-years from Earth.

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What We Thought Was One Galaxy Was Two All Along

This event occurred thanks to gravity. Two galaxies were helplessly pulled together and unite into a single body. This is the precise moment that the NASA Hubble telescope captured. According to a statement released by the European Space Agency, the new galaxy will eventually take its own shape and form. It might not be anything like its parents and could give way to countless new things.

New Galaxy Could Give Way to New Life

This includes the possibility of life. This event raises so many questions and opens up countless possibilities. For all we know, the Hubble telescope could spot a UFO emerging from this new galaxy in a few years or decades. Chaotic is the word ESA used to describe the nature of this new galaxy because stars and other objects are pushed out of their orbit and set on new paths.

What Really Happens When Two Galaxies Collide

While many would expect fire and destruction, the image captures a slow combination of many things. The birth of a new galaxy is slow and drawn out.

For the longest time, NGC 6052 was thought to be a single galaxy near the constellation of Hercules. With this new Hubble telescope image, scientists realize that it has been the merging of two separate galaxies all along.

What Really Happens When Two Galaxies Collide Clapway

UFOs Could Be Next

With this knowledge, there is a high chance that NASA and ESA will pay much closer attention to what’s going on there. The slow birth of this new galaxy has no name yet and is largely unexplored. Something this remarkable will not be overlooked anymore. There could already be life blooming here; there could even be interplanetary travel happening there. There is no way to know just yet, but with closer inspection and patience, we may get to find out what truly lies beyond what we know and what we see.