New iPhone App Nailbot Printer Makes Your Nails Instagram Perfect

New iPhone App Nailbot Printer Makes Your Nails Instagram Perfect Clapway

A new iPhone app called Nailbot and the Nailbot printer can now prepare your nails to be perfect for every Instagram shot. The project, based out of California, brings cool technology and beauty together to inspire people all over the world to find the best applications for new tech.

Nail Printer Clapway

An Instagram Perfect Manicure Is At Your Fingertips!

Nail art has always been incredibly popular. The trends change with time and the Nailbot Printer can bring them all to one place. The gadget combines an app and a small, sleek printer to ink the perfect art directly onto your nails. No hassle, no visits to the salon and no mess!

The Nailbot printer can even take requests, and people can input their own designs to be printed on their nails. The technology is fast and efficient, and it’s inspiring girls all over the world to explore the power of new technology.

Nail Art Made Easy and Fun

The Nailbot can bring your creativity to life with a few taps to an iPhone app. The fact that this is so easy and fun is encouraging to people of all ages. The campaign behind the project is even selling maker kits. Creators are all around is, and they come in different forms and with different passions.  People who are passionate about the best manicures possible can look into the Preemadonna Maker Kit.

Raising Awareness of Girl Power

This kit was made for younger girls looking to express their creativity and combine it with the new technology. The team behind the Nailbot printer are even hosting a Preemadonna Ambassador Program to raise awareness for new accessible technology for young girls and girl scouts. The team’s goal is to give them some girl power and inspire them to learn more about robotics, engineering, and programming.

An Instagram Perfect Manicure Is At Your Fingertips Clapway

Who Run the World?

The team’s mission reads that any girl can become a CEO, an inventor or an artist or an engineer. There isn’t one label that defines you. As such, the company strives to empower girls to express their creativity and their interests how and where they want. Whether it’s at the head of a table in a conference room or on an Instagram account with millions of followers, the power is literally in your hands.