iPhone and Samsung Galaxy to Support Bluetooth Pregnancy Test

iPhone and Samsung Galaxy to Support Bluetooth Pregnancy Test Clapway

The Consumer Electronics Show has showcased the announcements of many quirky gadgets and apps. One wouldn’t think the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy would one day be able to act as your pregnancy test, until now.

Pregnancy BlueTooth Clapway

First Response Launches A $20 Bluetooth Pregnancy Test

Even a price tag of $20, the First Response Pregnancy Pro might become an overnight sensation. First Response has brought a lot of pregnancy related products. Among them are pregnancy tests, fertility boosters and guides to safe conceiving for women. This new Bluetooth-powered pregnancy test sounds crazy and it just might be.

The First Response Pregnancy Pro is three times the price of any other regular pregnancy test. So what’s the appeal of this Bluetooth pregnancy? Thanks to Bluetooth, this pregnancy can deliver accurate results a lot more efficiently than other tests. In terms of hardware, the test comes in two parts: a normal pregnancy test and an app. The Pregnancy Pro test has only one physical difference from regular pregnancy tests, a screen that shows the synchronization process from the test itself to the app.

A Tailored Pregnancy Test Process

The First Response app is currently on the App Store, Google Play and on Amazon. iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Android users can easily access it to pair to the pregnancy test. The app syncs all the information from the test to the app via Bluetooth. Users go through a personalization process with menstrual cycle details and whether or not users want to conceive or not. The app’s smart capability adjusts itself to the user’s needs. As with other tests, it takes 3 minutes to generate results.

This Test Will Entertain, Calm or Educate You

As with other tests, it takes 3 minutes to generate results. Another awesome feature this test is that it eases users through those three agonizing minutes. It gives users the option to ‘entertain me’, ‘calm me’, or ‘educate me’. The amount of information provided is incredibly helpful. The First Response Pregnancy Tool offers tracking tools and suggestions. In the case that the test is positive, it can give users estimates of delivery dates and a guide through the pregnancy process. If the test is negative and the user is looking to become pregnant, it offers information on how to increase chances of conception.

This iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Bluetooth Pregnancy Test As One Epic Flaw

The biggest drawback on this test is that it is a single-use tool. This combined with the $20 price tag makes this a great item but a hard buy. It might be the best tool for women who are looking to become pregnant, but a lot will be discouraged to find that this much utility can only be used once for $20.