YouTube and Facebook Beat Twitch Thanks to Motorhead

YouTube and Facebook Beat Twitch Thanks to Motorhead Clapway

The death if Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister stroke many this past December 28. YouTube will be hosting the Motorhead creator and frontman’s funeral this Saturday, January 9. The actual funeral will take place in Hollywood, but it will be streamed to the entire world.

YouTube Mourns Lemmy Kilmister

Motorhead released a statement on Facebook announcing the event. Friends and family are invited to personally attend the ceremony at the Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery in Los Angeles. The post provided a link to the stream, and it will be running from 3 PM PST to 4:30 PM PST on January 9. This is 11 PM GMT to 12:30 PM GMT.

Motorhead Brings Fans Together through Facebook and YouTube

In the post, Motorhead writes that they’d like all fans to be a part of the memorial service. This is why they’ve decided to host a stream on YouTube. The band encourages fans to gather at bars and clubs or anywhere with an internet connection where fans can come together. The goal is to collectively celebrate Lemmy’s life and his legacy as a heavy metal icon.

Alongside the stream, Motorhead is hosting an all-day celebration of Lemmy’s life at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in LA. This was Lemmy’s favorite bar and was the original venue for the memorial. However, because demand was too high, they were forced to move down the Sunset Strip. Two other LA bars, the Roxy and the Whisky, will be open to fans while the private memorial is going on between 5 PM and 9 PM PST.

The Difference Between Facebook, YouTube and Twitch

Social media is shaping daily life every minute of every day. Facebook and YouTube are a huge part of that change. There’s no stopping the internet now. If YouTube had been as widespread by the time Michael Jackson passed away, it would also have been streamed worldwide.

The point is, YouTube and Facebook are monsters. Smaller social media outlets like Twitch, Periscope and Snapchat have a long way to go before they catch up to these giants. These outlets will only get stronger, and they will eventually overpower TV and the radio. We have nowhere to run.

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