Facebook Messenger And WhatsApp Could Destroy Viber

Facebook Messenger Was the Fastest Growing App in the US in 2015 Clapway

Messenger has turned out to be more popular than Viber and Signal combined. Facebook Messenger has just hit the 800 million monthly active user milestone. That means that the platform has gained 100 million more users in seven months. It looks like Facebook is out to make Messenger one of the only apps people will need on their phones.

Facebook Messenger And WhatsApp Could Destroy Viber Clapway

Facebook Messenger Was the Fastest Growing App in the US in 2015

As of January 2016, Facebook has three apps on the best-selling apps on the iOS app store. Facebook Messenger itself ranks #2, with Facebook-owned Instagram at #3. The actual Facebook app hangs out at spot #5, and the company’s other subsidiary, Whatsapp, sits on #18. WhatsApp recently just hit 900 million monthly active users, so it’s fair to say Facebook is pretty much dominating the messenger app scene. Other apps, like Viber and Signal, have no pull in the West. Not only that, but even apps like WeChat and LINE are under Facebook’s watchful eye, waiting for the moment to strike.

Facebook Messenger Was the Fastest Growing App in the US in 2015

Messenger is growing steadily into more than just a messaging app, too. Facebook is joining hands with Uber so that users can order a cab through the Messenger app, and eventually, they plan to make it so users need only a name to contact their loved ones and acquaintances.

Unlike Apple and Google, Facebook doesn’t have an operating system. This probably explains why, despite arduous efforts, it can’t get ahead of the other two giants. However, Facebook has a lot of pluses on its books. A lot of people spend the majority of their time online on Facebook or one of their subsidiaries. Messenger is its own OS in a way, so eventually, it could come to measure up to the likes of Google and Apple.

When Will Other Platforms Fully Adopt GIF Keyboards?

Facebook Messenger has a lot of perks. It shares GIFs (which Apple’s Messenger supports, but only through a third party app), it can shop online and track receipts and packages. Facebook Messenger can also send money and call an Uber. Some even have access to M like a Zuckerberg version of Siri, and most recently, Facebook has its eyes set on WeChat, a magnanimous Chinese Everything App.

2016 is the Year of M

This year, Facebook looks like it may crush all messaging competition. Viber, Signal and even GChat can’t measure up to the power of Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Mark Zuckerberg has full intentions to make it so that Messenger is the only app you’ll need for online communication.