Top Five Medical Marijuana Strains

Top Five Medical Marijuana Strains Clapway

Marijuana is slowly becoming more and more popular. However, there are many different types of strains that users can choose from. Here are five of the very best, in no particular order.

So, What Are Top Five Medical Marijuana Strains?


Sativas are particularity convenient for anyone who is looking for extra motivation. This strain has higher levels of THC and will most likely get users talking like a philosopher! Who needs to go to college for philosophy, just smoke some Sativas and you will receive your Masters!


Indicas are the complete opposite of Sativas as this marijuana has a higher CBD content and will calm users down. This strain is good for pain relief, anxiety, and insomnia. The main aspect to remember about this strain is that it will relax users.


As one can imagine, this strain can be thought of as a Sativa and Indica morphed. This creates the absolute perfect combination of relaxation and energy. Also, depending on how much relaxation and energy you want, can be altered. This alteration is due to how much Sativas and Indicas you mix in.


This particular marijuana strain is what makes the users high. Without THC, the users would not be able to achieve the feeling of ”high”. Basically, THC communicates with your brain and lets it know that it needs to release the hormone that works with the pleasure hubs.


The last of the five best marijuana strains is Trichomes. These are the crystals all over the marijuana that look sugary. When they are looked at from up close they could be confused for mushrooms. When you consume them, they should be a milky color. This will ensure that you get more high. If you do not eat them like this, then you will most likely feel more relaxed.

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